Strike two already

I called Capital One again today to make sure someone got the fax. Apparently the company that deals with titling for Capital One is on the West Coast, and no one is answering the phone yet. The CSR I spoke to was a little snotty with me. It’s not my fault that, while the first person I spoke to two weeks ago said the title would be mailed in 72 hours, this one told me that Capital One doesn’t even have a record of my request for 72 hours, and the whole process takes three weeks. So, even if I had started this process the day we moved, I’d barely have enough time to register the car in DC within the 30-day period that DC requires.

It’s more trouble than it’s worth to refinance my car loan through someone else, but this is likely the last time I deal with Capital One. The process to get the Blank Check loan was great, and they gave me a better rate than the dealership could, but once they had the loan, they haven’t been terribly helpful.

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