Thats one strike, Capital One

Capital One is stupid. Because the DC DMV is totally insane and requires that the original title to a car be sent to them before they will allow you to register it, I called Capital One, who hold the lein on my car. I asked them to send the title to the DC DMV. They said, “Sure. We’ll send it within 72 hours.” I thought, “Great. Now I can register my car and not get a ticket.”

It wasn’t great. About a week and a half goes by, and the DMV still doesn’t have my title. I called Capital One again. I got a very different story this time. “Oh, you have an electronic title, you have to fax us the form from the DMV.”


I love when some CSR tells you, “Oh, you are in this situation, therefore you have to jump through this hoop”, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and aren’t you stupid for not knowing. Even better is that they didn’t bother to tell me that they weren’t going to send the title without the faxed form. Never mind that they have contact information for me – they sure find me when they want to try and sell me something. They just figured that I’d notice eventually.

So I’m waiting some more. Hopefully my wife will be able to bat her eyelashes at the nice police officers down at the station on V St. and get me another temporary parking permit. I have faith in her. And I’m going to call Capital One tomorrow and make sure they got my fax. I asked them to expedite it because they already screwed it up. I can’t imagine that they’ll listen, but there’s always hope.

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