Just stop drinking the water

Does your office have a water dispenser that takes one of those giant jugs of water?  The kind where you have to take the top off the jug, lift it up, and flip it over to refill the dispenser?  Our office does.  I’ve been here not quite two months and I’ve refilled the dispenser about five times.  I know I’m not drinking that much water.  Plainly people are choosing to not get water rather than refill it.

I understand it’s tough to refill.  But I can do it, and therefore most of the rest of the office should be able to do it, also.

Honestly, a better solution would be what we had at my old office, which is a filter for tap water.  That would solve this problem, and be better for the environment.

But, since that isn’t going to happen, it would be really cool if the other people in the office would just do their share of the refilling.

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