Yes, it’s 2004 again. These are sites I read and feel like throwbacks to when the web was cool.

Peter’s blog – Peter started a blog in 2023 because the internet sucks and needs more blogs. A big part of the reason I started this blog back up

Techdirt – an every day read for me back when I was reading blogs. They were a good bit of the inspiration for my ebook blog and numerous other things

Camden Chat – one thing I really miss after Elon Musk killed X, formerly known as Twitter, is sports. The Fediverse is not that big on sports.

Ebooks Yearn to Be Free – I started this blog forever ago thinking that I would make a living from blogging. It didn’t turn out that way, but it was a good experience. It may or may not get new posts added.

Game Dad – not a blog exactly, but a webpage about handheld gaming devices