Finally, a reason to hate elevators

I just got stuck in one for about five minutes.  I was on the way back from getting lunch, so I imagine this is punishment for eating at McDonalds.  Still, I don’t think it was really necessary to be stuck there with one guy who thought he was really funny (He wasn’t), a guy who stuck his phone out between the crack in the door trying to tell his office-mates that he was stuck (We were there 5 minutes.  You aren’t that important), and a woman who laughed incessantly and also made jokes (She wasn’t funny, either).

So, this is a message to everyone stuck in a small space with people you don’t know:  You aren’t funny.  I don’t care if you are a professional comedian doing very well for yourself.  If you are stuck in an elevator with me, do me a favor and keep your wit to yourself.

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