Snow day

Little Mazda that could So, I’m not going to work today. I’ve got stuff I can do from home. But the wife had to go in because her boss is completely insane, so I took her to the Metro. It took a few minutes to get out of the parking spot, because they haven’t plowed the parking lot.

Big snowy hill But a little push from the wife, and I was out. The roads are bad. I made a nice little U-turn after dropping her. All I had to do was turn the wheels a bit, give it a little gas, and wait for the back end to swing around. Even in a front-wheel drive car, you can do a power slide if the roads are slick enough.

When I got back, some clown had taken my parking spot, and I had already passed the only other open spot, so I had to do a three-point turn in the snow. Keep in mind that the snow is piled anywhere from an inch to six inches, and the ground clearance of my car is probably more like four inches.That's where I made my three-point turn

In any event, you shouldn’t be driving out there if you can help it. And if you have an automatic and don’t know how to drive, like the woman I tried to help out of her spot when I was outside taking these pictures, don’t even bother. It’s days like these when the shortcomings of automatic transmissions become most apparent.

The roads were much less plowed than I had anticipated when I went out. The intersection of 66 and Lee Highway was particularly bad. Considering that’s one of the busiest intersections in the area, you’d think they’d plow that one first. However, you’d be wrong.

So, if you live in the DC Metro area, don’t go anywhere today. It’s not worth it.

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