Harvey Manning, 1925-2006

Harvey Manning, 1925-2006: Author of hiking guides ‘was a force of nature’

Helen Cherullo, publisher of The Mountaineers Books, recalled getting an early e-mail from him. It started, in all caps, “WHY I AM PISSED OFF … .”

I’m not a hiker, although I do enjoy a bit of hiking on occasion.  One of Harvey Manning’s daughters is one of my Nano mentees.  From this article, he sounds like a cool guy.  One of the early environmentalists, he did a lot to protect the woods he loved to walk in.

Most of Manning’s writings were done on a typewriter, and always on recycled paper — usually with something else printed on the back, Cherullo said.

That’s great, the idea of sending a manuscript to your publisher, typed up on the back of your grocery list or a note to your family.  I imagine many publishers would flip out, but I guess his was a little more tolerant.

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