A Nano complaint

I’d never realized it before, but one of the great advantages of writing online is the ability to hyperlink.  If I have a word or concept that some people might not be familiar with, instead of explaining at length what I mean, I can just throw in a link to Wikipedia or something that explains the topic for me, and continue to write.

I’m finding that not being able to do that while I’m writing for Nano is becoming increasingly annoying.  For example, I’m writing about a software company.  There’s a good chance that someone might make a joke about l33+ speak, and I’m going to have to explain it.  Good for the word count, bad for the story flow.

Anyway, it’s a small complaint.  Someday, all our books will be interactive, and you’ll be able to add hyperlinks to your novel.  Until then, I remain slightly annoyed.

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