PS3 craziness

The building I work in has a Target beneath it.  I walked past the Target this morning on my way to Caribou Coffee to get my daily large dark roast.  On an unrelated note, Caribou makes much better coffee than Starbucks.  There are probably two dozen people camped out in the parking lot, waiting for a Playstation 3.  There were two tents set up yesterday morning at 10AM.

It’s mind boggling to see how crazy people are for this thing.  Preorders are going on eBay for $5000 or more.  I’ll bet Sony wishes they could get a piece of that, because I hear they’re going to lose $200-300 per unit when they sell them for $600.

I wish I had the extra cash lying around to be able to pay an extra $4000 just to not have to wait until Sony manufacturing meets the demand.  I mean, by January, these should be in every store, right?  I’m trying to think what it would be worth $4000 to me to not have to wait a few months for.  I can’t think of anything.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii sounds more my speed.  They’re supposed to be focusing on gameplay rather than graphics.  And it costs $250.  Maybe I’ll sell my Gamecube that I never play and buy a Wii.  Or maybe I’ll try playing the Wii before I buy it.  That’s probably a good idea.

Anyway, my advice to you – don’t buy a PS3.  Sony makes a habit of deciding that you are a criminal, and must use their proprietary everything, all the time.  Sony would be happy if you had to wear special Sony glasses to see the world.  I would love a Sony EReader if it were made by any other company, but as it is, I won’t buy one.  Sony doesn’t deserve your money.

I realize this won’t influence anyone’s decision, but I’m saying it anyway.

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