British Police Thwart Major Terror Plot

British Police Thwart Major Terror Plot

U.S. officials raised the “threat level” for air transport to red , the highest alert. The terrorists had targeted flights operated by American Airlines, Continental Airlines and United Airlines, a U.S. official said.

Emphasis above is mine. I can certainly understand why someone would want to blow up an American Airlines flight. They probably missed out on 16 hours of bachelor party, too.

I ‘m just kidding. I understand that this is serious. But sometimes you have to joke about it or you go crazy. And since the plot was foiled by British authorities, this seems like a good time to joke.

The TSA said passengers who need to bring medicine and baby formula on board planes would need to present those items for inspection at checkpoints. In Britain, passengers were being asked to taste these liquids in the presence of security guards.

I hope that’s not the case when I fly to Australia in less than two weeks. I’ll have my nasal spray to prevent clogged eustachian tubes, and I don’t relish the thought of tasting it.  I mean, I imagine it’s safe, since they can’t very well expect you to spray the stuff up your nose if you can’t swallow a little bit.  But I doubt it’s terribly pleasant to taste.  I’m going to stop now before this gets really unpleasant.

Anyway, the article is short on detail.  It doesn’t say if this was a known terrorist group, or just a bunch of pissed off but well-organized people.  I suppose more details should be forthcoming.

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