Mom as a role model for kids? Say it aint so.

Mom’s dieting can be unhealthy for kids – Yahoo! News

Shocker.  Mothers who live unhealthy lifestyles then diet when they can’t fit into their pants are likely to have daughters who do the same.  Thank you, Yahoo!, for that unexpected fact.  Note – the study cited in the article focused on mothers and daughters, since a higher percentage of women have body image problems.  Perhaps because all the studies focus on them.

The gist of the article is that mothers who obsess about weight and diet all the time tend to have daughters who do the same.  Mothers who make lifestyle changes towards better health also tend to have daughters who do the same.  Imagine that.  The way you live your life often has a strong influence on the way your kids live theirs.

As someone who has, in the last six months to a year, made a real conscious effort towards a healthier lifestyle, I can tell you that it’s hard.  It’s especially hard at work when we go to lunch.  It’s hard not to get the bacon cheeseburger and fries with six Cokes.  And even the “healthy” choices are usually only healthy in comparison to the 1200+ calorie meals that are typical of most restaurants.  And I even have the advantage of a fiancee who’s a great cook.  If all you out there don’t have that, you’re kind of screwed.  And you can’t have mine.  I found her first.

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