First impression of Vista, heading for Ubuntu

Ugh. It’s pretty unappealing visually. It’s like they took all the things that were good about any other operating system, ever, and threw them away. To be fair, I was expecting to hate Vista, and I suspect it is not possible that I could have liked it at this point. But still.

So, I’m downloading the Ubuntu Feisty alternate install disk image. That was my plan all along when I got the new computer, a Thinkpad T61. It’s almost done, so I’m going to go burn it and try the install. Should be loads of fun.

Update:  I’m on the old computer now, as Ubuntu is “Installing the base system”.  Not sure how long this is going to take.  I should probably get to bed soon.  The wife isn’t feeling well, and she’s already in bed.  We rarely go to bed separately, and on her way to bed, she said something to the effect of, “Don’t stay up too late playing with Ubuntu”.  She’s probably asleep now, so she won’t know how late I stay up.  But she’ll probably read this tomorrow, so, whatever.

It’s selecting and installing software now.

FYI – trying to install Ubuntu on a Thinkpad T61 requires the alternate, text-based install.  For whatever reason, the gui-based install just doesn’t work at all.

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