Fully functional operating sysmtems – zero

My brand new laptop is currently non-functional.  Vista boots up into the recovery manager, which I suspect wants to “fix” my Ubuntu install.  I didn’t mess with it for very long, but it didn’t want to start up Windows.

Ubuntu will come up in text-only mode, but not in normal mode.  I suspect that I need a driver or something for my video card – I think others have had this problem with Ubuntu and a Thinkpad.  So I’ll try that today after work.

I think I’m going to try and write up a HowTo for installing Ubuntu on the Thinkpad.  There are a bunch out there, but my mommy says I’m good at explaining technical things to non-technical people.  I think there could be a bunch of people who are like me – fed up with Windows treating me like an idiot, technically savvy but not an expert, and willing to do a little extra work to get a computer that makes us happy.

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