OMG I have DC tags!

Finally.  My car is registered in DC, complete with tags, until 2009.  I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that any more.

My experience at the Georgetown DMV was pretty good.  I was there at 8:07, and they open at 8:15.  The line was longer than 95 M St.  All the employees I dealt with were exceptionally friendly and helpful.  The woman giving out numbers actually joked with me.  A woman waiting also loaned me a pen, which I had forgotten to bring.  One bit of advice – the Georgetown DMV has a bunch of clipboards to write on, but about three pens, so bring your own.  They also don’t validate parking, which was no problem for me, since I rode the bus.  But it might be a problem for other people who relish the idea of driving into Georgetown at 8AM.

I got my number at 8:33AM, and walked out the door with my tags at precisely 9:00.  Well done, Georgetown DMV.

I have to say, my experience with the DC DMV has been entirely pleasant.  Dealing with Capital One to get my title was a hassle, and there is still the matter of the $100 failure to register ticket that I have to contest, but the DMV has been very good.

And, just to top off a fabulous day of working from home, a little later I’m going to fish a stool sample out of the litter box and take it to the vet so we can try and determine if the cat’s recent behavior issues are medical or (As we suspect) psychological.

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