DMV in SouthWEST – Not so bad

I’ve heard many, many horror stories about the DC DMV. In fact, I’ve heard nothing good about it. So imagine my surprise when I got to the DMV on M St SW this morning, just as they opened, and got my brand new DC driver’s license in about a half an hour.

The metal detectors at the door were a little unexpected, but the rest of the experience was totally pleasant. The staff was, without exception, pleasant and efficient. I have had equivalently nice DMV experiences in Maryland and Virginia, but never better than what I had this morning.

So, kudos to you, M St SW DMV. You exceeded all my expectations this morning, and I appreciate it.

The real test will be when I get back from my friends’ wedding this weekend and try to get my car registered in DC. I’ll be at the Georgetown DMV for that one, because I’ve heard it’s the nicest. I’ll report back after that experience.

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