So thats where all those people came from

This morning, I checked my traffic for yesterday and found that it was about five times normal on Friday. Looks like my previous post got a mention on DC Blogs. That’s pretty cool. It appears to have been overshadowed by a somewhat heated discussion on some on- and off-line drama, but that’s okay.

As a follow up, the reason they blocked off the street became apparent this morning as I was woken by the sound of a large construction machine tearing up the street right in front of the house. They removed a chunk of pavement about ten feet by twenty feet, put down some metal screens, and then repaved. Not sure what that accomplished, but they seem pretty efficient at getting it done.

It is also a beautiful day, and we have flag football in a few hours. This is only my second game of the season, and the team’s third, due mostly to rain.

Also, tomorrow is my birthday. Looks like a pretty good weekend.

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