The bus

I did take the bus to meet my wife. As I was waiting to cross 16th Street to the bus stop, I watched the S4 bus go by, and my heart sank. I was destined to wait on the street corner on a blustery afternoon instead of sitting at Bottom Line with my wife and her coworkers.

But then, to my surprise, the S2 bus was right behind! It was maybe two blocks behind the S4, and it took me right down 16th Street. It wasn’t crowded. It didn’t stop too often. It was quite pleasant.

I know the bus gets a bad rap, but it really is a great way to get around. We took a cab home (We split it with a coworker who lives nearby), and arrived just before the bus did. The cab probably saved us a whole minute, and cost three times as much. This may change as I use it more, but right now, I’m totally sold on bus transportation.

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