Everything is the devil

The Fictional Works of Joseph Shimerdla | Grass is the Devil

Look, You say, “I’m finally done”. But Satan says, “You’ve just begun”

Got a link from fellow Nanoer Joseph Shimerdla, so I thought I’d return the favor.  He got me thinking – how many things really can be the devil? We’ve already established that Internet Explorer is the devil.  It appears that grass is also the devil.  Women, of course.  I believe that at least one person has called George Bush the devil, and he was probably right, although otherwise he’s probably insane. So, the devil doesn’t really make sense if there’s no god.  I mean, if there is a force of pure evil, there must be an opposing force of good, or we’d all be in trouble.  It is widely accepted that the Judeo-Christian God is omnipresent.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that the devil is also omnipresent, or else he would have been kicked to the curb by now.  So we must come to the conclusion that, in fact, ALL THINGS are the devil. That’s either scary or it’s liberating.  Maybe both.

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