Inspection tomorrow

We’re doing the home inspection tomorrow. That gives me a chance to get in and take some pictures of the inside of the house. I’m looking forward to it, and I think friends and family are, too.

It’s going to be my first opportunity to experience the drive from work to the house, although I’ll be leaving work around 2:30, so I won’t get the full effect of rush hour. Still, it should give me an idea. Which reminds me – I need to figure out the best way to go. I still have time.

I’ve been doing a little reading about the neighborhood. Our councilmember Jim Graham says that Ward 1, which includes Columbia Heights, contains DC’s most diverse neighborhoods. That’s pretty cool. Maybe it will give me a chance to brush up on my Spanish. I’m really looking forward to the neighborhood. Yes, it can be a little sketchy. Yes, there’s more crime than there is in Falls Church. But we can walk places. There are people outside doing things all the time. I can’t wait.

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