Why would none of your plates be microwave-safe?

I was just down at Target to buy a cheap plate to use at work.  I don’t want to take one from home and leave us with an odd number, and I don’t want to use paper plates because that’s not environmentally-friendly.  So I picked up a cheap plate, Target’s Home brand.  Not microwave safe.  I picked up another, and it said the same thing.  The only plates that ARE microwave safe at Target are the big heavy ceramic ones.  I just want this so I can microwave my lunch on the occasions that I didn’t pack it in the same tupperware I’m going to eat it from.

A coworker mentions that this seems reasonable to him because, after all, “No one uses microwaves these days”.  That coworker, obviously, was being sarcastic.

Anyway, Target, you suck.  I know I’ll come crawling back next time I need kitty litter, but right now I’m mad at you.

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