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Techdirt: Who’ll Pay For C3PO’s Social Security Benefits?

The paper admits we won’t be worrying about any of this for at least another twenty years, assuming robots can first hurdle the monumental task of self-sustained bipedal movement sans fatality.

This has been going around for the last few days – how will we handle things when we have artificial intelligences demanding citizenship?  Frankly, I don’t think it will be that big a deal.  Things are likely to be very different around here by the time robots are thinking enough to want citizenship, and this change will just be rolled into all the rest of them.  Not that we don’t have to think about it – we’ll definitely have to really examine the changes and figure out a long-term solution.  But it’s not like we’re suddenly going to have hundreds of thousands of thinking robots taking social security benefits all at once.

I posted this article rather than any other simply because of the “self-sustained bipedal movement sans fatality”, because I’m a dork.

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