Almost out

I’m at work until lunchtime today, and then home to finish packing and head off to the in-laws’.  It still sounds weird to talk about going to my father-in-law’s house.  This is my first Christmas away from home, so it should be an experience.  I’m a little sad to be away from my family, but this was inevitable at some point, and I’m excited to experience my wife’s family Christmas.  It promises to be more hectic than mine.

That said, don’t expect much posting until I get back next week.  I’ll have computer access there, but I don’t expect to use it very often.  And without my stored passwords, I may forget how to login here to post anything.  But I imagine most of you will be similarly busy with family and holiday celebrations and just not being at work.

So, happy holidays, whichever holidays it may be that you do or don’t celebrate.

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