Im back

The Garreau Group

And I’m reading a new book.  I got a bunch of books from my in-laws, and I’ve started reading Radical Evolution by Joel Garreau. It’s about a group of fundamentalist Christian zealots who start blowing up buildings to protest the teaching of evolution in schools.

I’m just kidding.  It’s actually non-fiction about the marriage of technology and evolution, and whether we are approaching “The Singularity“, which is basically the tipping point beyond which there is a fundamental change in what it means to be human.  This is not the only view of the Singularity, but this is more or less the view he’s going with. So far I’m more or less buying it.  He makes some assumptions that I don’t think are true, but none of them are really important to his hypothesis.  It’s a little scary/exciting, because he and others he quotes are expecting huge changes in not just the way we live, but the way we are.  And they’re expecting them in the next few decades.

I’ll keep you all posted on how it’s going.  If I start getting a little existential here, tell me to take a break from the science and go watch some reality tv.  Nothing will destroy my faith in the imminent transcendence of humanity quicker than a few hours of prime time television.

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