Change of plans

Last night, when I went to bed, I was all ready to yell this morning about how residents of the bigoted, intolerant commonwealth I live in couldn’t manage to see past their homophobia and vote against an overly broad amendment banning gay marriage.  I guess I should have expected it when even the campaign signs against the amendment said, “Read the whole thing!”.  As in, it’s okay to ban gay marriage, but do you have to ban civil unions, too?

But this morning I’m feeling much better about things.  I’m still mad the amendment passed.  But the Democrats took control of the House, and maybe will get the Senate, too.  My wife is happy because the race is close enough that her absentee ballot might actually mean something.  She’s out of town until Thursday, so she dutifully voted absentee.

So, for all of you who voted Democratic, either because you agree with the Democrats, or because you’re fed up with this administration and want a change, we’re heading in the right direction.  But we have to keep at it.  I urge you to write your representatives.  Tell them that we want a plan to finish what we started in Iraq and get our troops home.  We want our civil liberties back.  We want to once again respect the Constitution at ALL times, not just when it’s convenient.  We want a government that focuses on compromise and serving the people, not this partisan bickering that has taken over.

What are you waiting for?  Go write a letter.  Well, if you have a new representative, you can wait until he or she takes office.  But write the incumbents now.  It’s never to early to let them know how you feel.

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