How appropriate

After two years, Britney has had enough –

Spears’ marriage to Federline was her second after a 2004 spur-of-the-moment wedding in Las Vegas to a former high school sweetheart that was quickly annulled.

When people talk about how gay marriage is supposedly an attack on the sanctity of “real” marriage, many like to bring up Britney’s twenty-four hour (or whatever) marriage that was annulled, and say (Rightly, I think) that we heterosexuals are doing a pretty good job of screwing up marriage already.

So it seems like fate that I read about her impending divorce on the day after Virginia votes to “protect marriage”.  Here we have a woman in her, what, mid-twenties?, who makes a living with her abs and cleavage, seeking sole custody of two young children after her second marriage fails.

THIS is a perversion of marriage, not a committed gay couple seeking legal equality.  THIS is what cheapens my nearly three month old marriage (Going perfectly so far, thank you).

So, thanks, Britney, for illustrating this point so well.  You’ve done a service to your country.  Now, please go away and try not to screw up your kids too much.

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