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Boing Boing: Michael Crook sends bogus DMCA takedown notice to BoingBoing

Crook is a deranged, serial troll, and his behavior is consistent with that of someone who craves attention, no matter how negative. But what does matter is the fact that the DMCA is so poorly conceived and written that even the nuttiest, most deranged of trolls can abuse it into silencing constitutionally-protected online speech.

I love BoingBoing posts that have a half dozen or more updates to them. This one is particularly fun. This crazy guy is abusing the misguided Digital Millennium Copyright Act to make a nuisance of himself.

You know you’ve arrived in the blogosphere when you get DMCA’ed.  I don’t mean that BoingBoing has just “arrived”, they “arrived” some time ago.  I’m just saying that getting DMCA’ed sounds like fun.  Except for the legal liability part.

I think the proper response to this – he claims that he holds the copyright to his face, so by extension has a say in photos of himself – is to draw a picture of him using MS Paint (Make sure to ask the least artistically talented person you know to draw it) and use that instead of the photo.  Make sure to caption it “Mr. Poopy Pants” or something equally witty.

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