Google is down?

The Google homepage and Google Reader aren’t coming up for me.  That’s a nuisance, since there’s usually lots to read on Monday morning because I don’t read much of my RSS feeds over the weekend.  I suppose I could actually go to the sites that I read, but that somehow seems like too much trouble.

In other news, the wife is in Massachusetts until Thursday, babysitting her nephew.  That’s partly good for me, because it will give me time to get caught up on Nanowrimo.  I’m about 1300 words behind, not including the 1667 I’m supposed to write today.  It’s not a big deal, though.  I can make up 1300 words.

The story is going well so far.  We’ve got intrigue and sexual harassment and passionate rants in opposition to elevators.  My main character really hates elevators, which means I’m pretty sure he’s going to get stuck in one later on in the story.  His behavior between now and then will likely determine whether he gets stuck in there with the cute girl from accounting, or with 19 total strangers who smell funny.

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