Less than one hour to go

For those of you on the East coast of the US (or perhaps those not reading this right after I post it), there is less than one hour until Nanowrimo starts.  I’m excited.  I’m going to stay up until midnight and get started.

I’m pretty excited about this year.  I have four mentees (first-timers needing veteran advice), and a couple of friends are going to do it (Maybe) as well.  I’m even thinking about heading to a writing meetup or something with my fellow local Nanoers.

Maybe you all can help me.  If you were creating a company intending to compete with Google, what would the name be?  Would it change if you were a slightly eccentric old man with a personal grudge against Google?  Post suggestions in the comments.  If I choose your suggestion, you can have a guest post here (Your ticket to fame and fortune, let me tell you) and an acknowledgment in the novel dedication.

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