Welcome back to me

I’m back.  I’m sure there are tons of things to post about.  Gas prices are down 20-30 cents.  The Crocodile Hunter died while I was in Melbourne.  I’m sure someone did something stupid regarding one of BoingBoing’s hot-button issues.  Our fearless leader probably did something ridiculous.  I could complain about stupid airlines.

Instead, though, I think I’ll just ease back into this whole regular life thing.  Being gone for nearly three weeks has made everything seem a little off.  And then there are little things, like the fact that they moved the little stand where you get milk at the Caribou Coffee I frequent.  Not a big deal, I know, but strange that it just happened to occur when I was gone for three weeks.

In any event, soon things will be back to normal, and the complaining will return, to the delight of all half-dozen or so of you who read this regularly.

Also, for the record, being married doesn’t really feel any different than not being married.

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