And football is back – Miami at Pittsburgh Game Recap

After the World Cup and watching a little Australian Rules over in Melbourne, the game seemed a little slow, but it feels really good to have football back on tv.  The Orioles are all but eliminated, so it’s time for a little Redskins action.  I watched the first half of Miami-Pittsburgh last night, mostly to make sure my dogg Hines Ward got in the end zone for my fantasy team, which he did.

I think I’m going to finally bite the bullet and invest in High Def cable.  After the third time I thought the Dolphins had faked the punt snap because I didn’t see the ball, I’d really had enough.  My only problem is that I already send over $100 to Cox Cable for tv and internet, and I hesitate to send them any more.  I mean, their service isn’t really that good.  But I can’t take it any longer.  Until Verizon gets around to offering their fiber tv/internet service in my area, Cox will continue their localized monopoly and have zero incentive to provide me with better service.

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