Weve known about the threat for a year, but just now overreact?

Tip Followed ’05 Attacks on London Transit

Apparently the group that was going to blow up some planes yesterday has been under surveillance for about a year.  So now, they got too close to maybe pulling off something, and they had to be arrested.  And as a result of that arrest, when theoretically the threat is the lowest it’s been in a year, we can’t bring any liquids on planes.

Cory Doctorow over at BoingBoing had an interesting post yesterday.  He’s a little ticked off.  Hopefully, we all are.

Until they handcuff us all nude to our seats and dart us with tranquilizers, there will always be the possibility that a passenger will do something naughty on a plane

I’m tired of having my life disturbed because of some supposed terrorist threat.  I live just outside of Washington, DC.  I know we’re a big target, and that if something big happened in DC, I’d be at risk.  I’m willing to take that risk because I like living in this area.  Sure, there are some downsides.  But I choose to live here, and deal with the possible consequences.  I also like to travel.  I’m getting married a week from tomorrow, and we’re flying to LA then on to New Zealand next Sunday.  Because of these ridiculous restrictions, I’m probably going to have to sit in lines for hours before my 14 hour flight from LA.  And all for what?  So everyone is extra scared so we can lose some more civil rights?  If they were really concerned about our safety, they’d ban electronics, too.  They were planning to set off the liquid explosives with cell phones, right?  So why are the cell phones still allowed?

It’s ridiculous.  I refuse to live in fear of a terrorist plot.  I refuse to let some extremist nutjobs tell me how I can live my life.  That includes you, President Bush.

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