– Navarrette – What really bothers immigration foes – Aug 11, 2006 – Navarrette: What really bothers immigration foes – Aug 11, 2006

Update to this post.

Aha! This guy agrees with me.  Many of the people opposed to illegal immigrants are using border security as an excuse to hide the fact that they just don’t like Mexicans.  Some people expressed fear that the immigrants were a threat to our security.  But when a proposal came out that satisfied their demands, they came up with new demands.  You’ve made our borders safe?  Now make sure that you give preference to English-speakers and skilled workers.

No, I’m sorry, you can’t do that.  This is America.  This is not English-Speaking-Skilled-Worker Land.  There’s no sign on the Statue of Liberty that says “You must be this Americanized to enter”.  If you want to hate Mexicans, fine, that’s your right.  But stop lying about it, and stop trying to pass laws so you don’t have to see them.  You can go live in your close-minded little world all you want, but stop forcing your racism on me and the rest of the country.

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