Oh, the Web 2.0-ness is spectacular!

I posted about HotSoup a while back, and it looks like they’re one step closer to going live.  They’ve got little quotes from some famous people like John McCain and Lance Armstrong.  They’ve got little animated ads for themselves on a splash screen.  Who uses splash screens?  Aside from fifteen-year-old girls and car manufacturers?

I know the site’s not live yet, but when it goes live, they’re going to have to remember that they need some real content behind the pretty pictures and draggable divs.  Hopefully they’re just trying to drum up some interest now, and the real site will be very different.

I’m also curious about their poll.  What, exactly, is the difference between “Government” and “Political leaders”?  If I go to my political leaders, does that mean going straight to the top?  Skipping the low- and mid-levels of government and taking my complaint or concern straight to the big boss?  It seems like an awfully subtle distinction for such a general poll.

But maybe I’m just in a bad mood because it’s Monday.

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