Why no response to the bombings in Mumbai?

Deafening silence in the blogosphere – Sepia Mutiny

Found this on BoingBoing.  It seems that, for a change, the “old school” news guys covered this a lot more thoroughly than the “new school” bloggers did. 

I can’t really say why I didn’t say anything about it.  It’s certainly a big deal.  An unnamed political blogger quoted in the article said that he didn’t post it because he had nothing to add, and I probably don’t, either.

I have to say that my technique for finding things to write about is that I post something when I notice and article that interests me.   Often things are going to slip through the cracks. 

I don’t mean to trivialize the importance of what happened there.  This is a big deal, not only for those directly affected, but for the world. 

I think it reminds us that bloggers and traditional journalists don’t have to be on opposite sides. The success of blogs does not have to come at the expense of traditional journalism, and I think we’ll find a good middle ground where everyone (except close-minded and insecure jerks) can live in peace.

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