The perils of the Blogosphere

I want people to read my blog.  I have pipe dreams of getting 200,000 unique hits a day and making a living with Google Adsense.  I like to think that I have interesting and humorous things to share with the world (My mommy and my fiancee tell me they think my blog is good). In my quest to expand my readership, I’ve been searching around for other blogs and such where I can contribute a comment with a link back to my site, so that maybe I’ll say something interesting, and someone will come read a post or two here, and they’ll enjoy it, and keep coming back.  So I was poking around at, looking for interesting things to read.  Wow, are there some crazy people out there.  There was one person who dissected and refuted an Onion article, accusing them of pushing their agenda, whatever that is.  I won’t link to the post, because I don’t want to encourage her to post anything ever again.  I found an article from some reputable news site that claimed to talk about politicians in Washington regulating the internet, but never really saying anything.  Politicians regulating the internet is a big deal.  There’s lots to say.  Why write an article about it and not say any of them?  I don’t know, either.

My point is that you never know what you’re going to get when you read a blog.  So you need to be careful.  If you read a story at the Washington Post, or the Wall Street Journal, you’re probably getting someone who at least did some research.  And of course, everything you read here is thoroughly researched, down to the most mundane detail.  I swear.

But what about those scurrilous bloggers who would deceive you with lies and half-truths?  They’re out there.  You’ve got people paid by companies to promote products.  You’ve got insane people making things up as they go along.

I’m here to tell you not to trust anyone.  Except me.  You can trust me.  Just ask my mommy.

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