stupid metro riders

so, in the morning on metro, many people read the express, a free publication that’s distributed at the metro entrances.&nbsp_place_holder; it’s a perfect way to pass the time if you’re interested.&nbsp_place_holder; there’s a little headline news, world news, local stuff, sports highlights, some pop culture articles, comics, sudoku and a crossword.&nbsp_place_holder; plenty of things to keep people busy.&nbsp_place_holder; and, again, it’s free.&nbsp_place_holder; can’t beat that.&nbsp_place_holder; what on earth could i be complaining about, you may wonder.&nbsp_place_holder; well, people – after taking advantage of this free reading material – can’t manage to find the recycle bin at the metro exit to deposit the express.&nbsp_place_holder; let me help out these readers: IT’S RIGHT NEXT TO THE TRASH BIN YOU’RE USING TO THROW AWAY THE EXPRESS!&nbsp_place_holder; the bins are SIDE BY SIDE.&nbsp_place_holder; and one is clearly labeled “newspaper”.&nbsp_place_holder; i know you can read, you took a copy of the express!&nbsp_place_holder; the only explanation i can come up with is that the garbage bin is easier to use.&nbsp_place_holder; it has a huge round hole on the top to accept deposits.&nbsp_place_holder; the recycling bin has a wide slit on the side and no open top.&nbsp_place_holder; that means, commuters would have to slow down ever so slightly to have better aim and put it in the recylcing bin.&nbsp_place_holder; and i honestly think it’s the additional 2 seconds it might take them that deters these people.&nbsp_place_holder; i have two responses to that – you’re only going to work. is it really that important that you get there NOW?!&nbsp_place_holder; and second, if you walked up the escalator rather than ride it to the top, you’d save more than two seconds.&nbsp_place_holder; just an idea.

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