I can’t believe how much attention this stupidity is getting.&nbsp_place_holder; Is Imus an idiot for calling the Rutger’s basketball team a bunch of “nappy-headed ho’s?”&nbsp_place_holder; Definitely.&nbsp_place_holder; Do I think it is important to rake this guy through the coals and allow both Al Sharpton’s coalition and the conservatives to dwell on the importance of this idiocy and expand it to a matter of national import?&nbsp_place_holder; No.&nbsp_place_holder; Imus deserves to be punished by whatever means his company decides (and not by what anyone else says).&nbsp_place_holder; After that, let it go.&nbsp_place_holder; Focus on something of real value.&nbsp_place_holder; Choose Darfur, climate change, the income tax system, or anything that has value.&nbsp_place_holder; Ignore the comments of a has-been radio host who was trying to drum up ratings and aim higher.

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