emove, usplastics, comcast – why is nothing easy?

emove – so, we used emove when we moved from virginia to d.c.&nbsp_place_holder; we paid for 2 guys to load the truck in virginia and 2 guys to unload the truck in virginia.&nbsp_place_holder; three charges appeared on my credit card rather than 2.&nbsp_place_holder; i emailed and said, hey, i think two of these confirmation numbers are for the same job.&nbsp_place_holder; after a week of no response from emove, i emailed again today.&nbsp_place_holder; the response: two of the charges are accurate b/c we hired in both d.c. and virginia.&nbsp_place_holder; thanks for that.&nbsp_place_holder; i agree with that proposition.&nbsp_place_holder; it’s the THIRD charge i have a problem with.&nbsp_place_holder; still trying.&nbsp_place_holder; i hate when customer service people don’t actually READ your email.&nbsp_place_holder;&nbsp_place_holder;

usplastics – right after emove completely ignores my request, i place an order for 96 gallon bins and recylcing containers.&nbsp_place_holder; then customer service calls me (again, right on the heels of my emove email) to give me an estimate on the freight charges.&nbsp_place_holder; about $100.&nbsp_place_holder; a bit steep, but, ok.&nbsp_place_holder; i ask about delivery date.&nbsp_place_holder; she doesn’t really know and tells me that i have to pay $15 to be called in advance of delivery.&nbsp_place_holder; WHAT?&nbsp_place_holder; it’s not like you can just leave four huge bins on our landing – there’s not enough room and i’d like to arrange for someone to be home.&nbsp_place_holder; now, don’t get me wrong, $15 is not a lot and it would come out of our condo fees.&nbsp_place_holder; but – WTF?&nbsp_place_holder; i have to pay to have you tell me when to expect delivery.&nbsp_place_holder; no way.&nbsp_place_holder; not now.&nbsp_place_holder; not ever.&nbsp_place_holder; sufficed to say, i’m receiving notification and not paying anything for it.

comcast – we cannot get these clowns to come to our building to do installation.&nbsp_place_holder; the computer still lists our unit as single-family residence rather than individual units and so they can’t arrange for a guy to come out.&nbsp_place_holder; the problem wtih this explanation: A COMCAST GUY CAME OUT ON SATURDAY AND DID INSTALLATION FOR THE UNIT ABOVE OURS.

i go back to my opening question: why is nothing easy????

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