Citibank Premiere Pass

So, I’m sick of Credit Card companies promising one thing and delivering something else! I mean, these new Citibank Premiere Pass credit card commercials are awesome. They are funny, and the product sounds incredible.&nbsp_place_holder; I mean, I get miles on purchases and for the miles I fly… Plus I still get my airline miles as well from the airline. Can’t beat that!

But, alas, it’s a sham! You don’t actually get those miles that you earned flying until you’ve spent that much money on the card. So if you fly to Hong Kong for $1,000 bucks on the card, you get 1000 points for the purchase and like 10,000 for the flight… but you can only use 1,000 of those flight miles. Until you spend another $9,000 (!!!) dollars on the card, those points can’t be used. What a farce! And yet, they really don’t explain that in their commercials…

Oh, by the way, the card also has a $75 dollar annual fee. I mean, is that really necessary since the program pretty much sucks anyways?

Please, someone tell the new Democrats to do something about this. If a company makes a claim, they should have to meet it… REGARDLESS of what their disclosure says! Don’t give me disclosures, give me truthful advertising!

Thanks for allowing me to submit this. I feel better now.

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