Bose in-ear headphones – The review

Awesome sound, especially for only $99 bucks… BUT the effing earbuds keep falling off! No, not out of your ear. When the things aren’t in your ear, the earpiece falls off… continuously. And there’s no way to get new ones. So, once you lose the ones it came with (which is really easy to do unless you only handle your headphones in sealed glass room), you are effed.

This is what I would call a failure of monsterous proportions from Bose. I mean, there is no way that Bose didn’t know that&nbsp_place_holder;their product&nbsp_place_holder;does this. It’s impossible. They knew it, and they released them to the market anyway. Goodbye good brand name, hello newest WalMart brand!!

Oh, and this board is still freaking ugly… fix it you lazy bastard.

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