Bose in-ear headphones – The review

Awesome sound, especially for only $99 bucks… BUT the effing earbuds keep falling off! No, not out of your ear. When the things aren’t in your ear, the earpiece falls off… continuously. And there’s no way to get new ones. So, once you lose the ones it came with (which is really easy to do unless you only handle your headphones in sealed glass room), you are effed.

This is what I would call a failure of monsterous proportions from Bose. I mean, there is no way that Bose didn’t know that&nbsp_place_holder;their product&nbsp_place_holder;does this. It’s impossible. They knew it, and they released them to the market anyway. Goodbye good brand name, hello newest WalMart brand!!

Oh, and this board is still freaking ugly… fix it you lazy bastard.

College football

&nbsp_place_holder;West Virginia symbolizes everything that is wrong with college football.&nbsp_place_holder; They are playing flag football and winning against legitimate football programs.&nbsp_place_holder; The worst thing that could happen for the BCS would be if West Virginia played any Mike Leach coached team in a bowl game.

&nbsp_place_holder;I will literally cry if WVU wins a national championship, and subsequently earns Pat White a Heisman.&nbsp_place_holder; I’ve never been a bigger Pitt Panthers fan in my life.

And…the Big East is a joke.&nbsp_place_holder; Their automatic bid to the BCS should be stripped for lack of quality teams.&nbsp_place_holder;

Infinology Is The Devil AND Sucks

The Piker Press has used Infinology as webhost for a couple of years now. There were occasional service glitches, but for the most part, it did what was needed.

Suddely this week, the Piker Press site went blank. Stuff is still out there on the server, but nothing is showing up on the website. E-mails and phone calls to Infinology have gone unanswered.

A little research (Googling “Infinology sucks” and “Infinology scam”) showed that many, many others are experiencing similar problems with their sites going dead. Most report get no answers to their complaints. The rare few who have had their phone calls answered report that the person they spoke to had very limited English fluency.

Fortunately, the Press has an assortment of geeks who are figuring out how to back up our data and hunting for a new host. And fortunately, we are not a business, so we are not losing any money to speak of by being down for a few days.

But honest to Pete, this sort of business practice is, at the best, rude, and at the worst, sleazy. Considering some people have had trouble cancelling their accounts because they can’t get their e-mails to go through, it may even be criminal.

Stay away from Infinology. Tell your friends to stay away from Infinology. If you are using Infinology and are not having problems yet, thank your lucky stars and start looking for a more ethical webhost while you still can.

And for heaven’s sake, back up your data.

Living in a furnace

I live in Northern California, so the weather is pretty nice year round.&nbsp_place_holder; My thermostat only has heaters in the living area; the bathroom and bedroom have separate baseboard heaters.&nbsp_place_holder; I usually leave those doors closed to save energy (and I don’t really even turn on those heaters as it doesn’t get that cold).&nbsp_place_holder; I have the living area temperature set to 62 or so (inaccurate gauge, mind you; it’s closer to 68).&nbsp_place_holder; This morning, I open the bedroom door to enter my living room to a heat blast.&nbsp_place_holder; It must be 75 or more in here.&nbsp_place_holder; I even turned the gauge down to “LOW” (which is below 50), but there is still hot air coming out of the vents.&nbsp_place_holder; I have to get a programmable format, but of course my thermostat is run off of line voltage, which is trickier and more expensive.&nbsp_place_holder; This all presumes that I don’t pass out from sweating out all the water in my system.