My Discover card sucks

Here’s another thing to add to the list of reasons I won’t get another Discover card.  At least, not until I exhaust all the credit card companies and have to start over.  My problems with Chase are well-documented here, and I’m not too fond of Citicards these days, either.

Anyway, Discover.  It’s not enough that they charge sellers such a high percentage, causing many places to not accept them.  But recently, they changed my card number.  They did it under the auspices of rolling out a new card, but what they’ve really done is change the card design, and probably renegotiated my terms of service. 

It’s not a huge deal – I just have to tell a few places that I have a new card number for my monthly debits and whatnot. But what really bugs me is that they’ve revoked my access to my old billing statements.  They’re treating this as a new card, and they’ve transferred the balance I had on my old card last month onto the new card.  And I don’t mean a revolving balance – I don’t ever revolve a balance anymore.  I mean just last month’s charges.  Now I have a bill that just says, you owe $X.  It doesn’t give me a breakdown of the charges.  I’ve requested a paper bill, but I really shouldn’t have to.  What if I want to go back and check a charge from two months ago?  I have to call and get another paper bill shipped.  I stopped getting paper bills a while ago because they’re dumb.  I have enough paper in my life already.

Anyway, this is very annoying. As soon as I spend my accumulated miles, this card is getting canceled.

Edit to add – Comments have been disabled. Perhaps instead of complaining about your Discover card on a three year old blog post, you all should work towards getting yourselves out of debt.

Edit again to add – Comments are back on because I’ve moved blogging platforms and don’t currently have a way to disable them. If it becomes a problem, I’ll make a way to turn them off.

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