Some nice fruits and vegetables

We finally made it down to the U St. farmers market on Saturday.  It happens every Saturday, 9am-1pm, at 14th and U St NW.  I was quite pleased with the visit.  We got some really nice vegetables that the wife turned into brunch shortly thereafter, and I got some great apples.  I don’t remember what type they are – nothing I’d ever heard of.  But they’re very good.  I just ate one this morning.

I’d like to do more shopping at markets like that.  I don’t know how local the actual farmers are, but certainly more local than almost all the produce you find in the grocery store.  There’s a big debate among hippies as to whether to buy organic or local.  Obviously both is best, but if you have to choose one, it’s not clear which is the better choice.  I tend to think that local produce is better, since it uses fewer resources in transit.  But I’m open to other arguments.

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