Beautiful spam poetry

I was searching through my Gmail spam folder, looking for names for the characters in my Script Frenzy screenplay, and I came across this surreal piece of art. I’m pretty sure that the sender, Rosanna RODGERS, didn’t intend for me to see the beauty in this piece (Which I reproduce nearly as she sent it, just with some line breaks to really give it some pop). She probably wanted me to buy generic Cialis or Tramadol or go see naked Russian teens or something.

steel the bee see business on sea it’s root in sharp in tree see grip it bucket it wide not match! stage but card see complete! moon but money it breath the left! sharp! thought be jump or person in warm it purpose but shock a liquid

approval see feeble be open may join on married in pencil some rub it’s pin be attention it kiss it’s credit! hope be thumb and behavior try harbour may door but straight error or glove in healthy not town on chief try design on medical be tray the angry the

bulb see heat on bath it’s leather be tired and hammer be pleasure some hammer be pot it jump some material! selection or complex , laugh try cough! probable a key a chain and cover see necessary street be drink see delicate! approval try train, knot it’s

I’m not a big fan of poetry, but in my book, this is right up there with Poe’s “The Raven”.

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