Disaster magnet

The guy who lives upstairs in my building must be protecting my car from harm. Since moving into the building in January, he’s had his convertible top cut. He had a window broken. He’s been ticketed numerous times, and towed at least twice. And last night, a hit-and-run left the whole side of his car smashed.

Now, some might argue that he has a parking spot in back that he doesn’t always use. Some would probably have a point. But I like to think that his car is a little magic talisman that attracts minor disaster, leaving my car protected from all evil. Well, I have had a few bumper taps from people parking. But that’s an accepted part of living in the city.

I worry about what’s going to happen when the new condos at the Columbia Heights Metro station open up. It’s already crowded here, and that’s undoubtedly going to make parking a nightmare. Zipcar gets more appealing every day.

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