Capital One fouls off strike three to stay alive

Capital One may have saved themselves. I called on Friday to find out if they had started the process of sending my title. The first person I spoke to didn’t know much, but eventually I was transferred to a woman in the titling department. Seems to make sense, since I was, in fact, calling about my title.

She gave me the usual, “Oh, it’s going to take three weeks” speech that I’ve heard before. But then she asked if I’d like a request for temporary registration or something like that. I’ve forgotten exactly what she said, but I have it written down at work. She told me they could send that out in 72 hours, and that would let me get some sort of temporary registration so I don’t get ticketed.

Now, I’m not sure why no one told me this the first time I called. Well, the first time I called they thought they’d send the actual title in 72 hours, so maybe that’s why they didn’t share this option. But certainly the person I talked to last week could have offered this. And it remains to be seen whether the DMV will accept this. It was already 3:30 PM when I found this out, and I figured that the DMV phone line would be hopeless at that hour on a Friday. But first thing Monday I’m going to find out if this will help me. If so, Capital One may safely reach base this time, but not without a stern look from the manager.

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