Vector Security – still cool

A comment on this post, wondering how I liked our Vector security system, reminded me that I said I’d update everyone with a review after we’d had it for a bit. I suspect the guy who left the comment works for Vector, but that’s okay. He didn’t try and flood my site with spam or anything, so I think the comment is acceptable. Anyway, we have no complaints. We haven’t asked much of the system, and we haven’t had an alarm, but the system has never done anything it wasn’t supposed to do, nothing has broken, nothing has malfunctioned. I suppose the real test is what happens if someone tries to break in, or if we accidentally set off the alarm. Luckily, neither of those things have happened. So, after almost two months, I would still recommend Vector Security. I’d recommend them even more if they got around to sending us our referral bonus since some of our upstairs neighbors signed up on our recommendation. Edit to add: I’ve disabled the comments on this post. I’m not really comfortable hosting this discussion, so I’m not going to allow it to go any further. I still have had a fine experience with Vector, but others clearly haven’t. If you’re considering them, I recommend you do a little research about your local office and see if they’re a good fit for you.

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