Vector Security summary

Something like 25% of my traffic here from Google searches is people looking up Vector Security.  This post is the first Google result you get when searching for them that is not  And I’m getting more and more comments on that post about people with Vector experiences.  So I figured I’d stick my posts about them in a category, and summarize my experience. First, I have had NO problems with them.  Everything they said they’d do, they’ve done.  No one has tried to break into the house since we installed the system, we’ve had no false alarms, and no billing problems.  We don’t have a CO2 detector, so I can’t offer an opinion there. For those of you who’ve had problems with them, I will say it again – if they don’t fix the problem, threaten to contact the Better Business Bureau.  If they still won’t fix the problem, actually contact the BBB.  That’s what it’s there for, and it actually does work. Now, I don’t mean that you should do this every time there’s a little problem.  But if you have a serious issue that they (Or any company, really) won’t resolve after you’ve spoken politely to them about your problem, then it’s very likely that the BBB will help you out. Anyway, I hope I don’t have to disable comments on this post.  I am NOT here blogging in order to give anyone who wants it a soapbox to yell about bad customer service experiences.  But I don’t like to moderate non-spam comments (And haven’t had to, knock on wood), so please be reasonable so I don’t have to start.

Someone complains about Vector Security

Complaint Hub » Blog Archive » Vector Security – still cool This is a comment left on the above post (I get about 30% of my Google search traffic from people looking for Vector Security and finding that post).

Vicky Says: December 29th, 2007 at 12:40 pm eDon’t be fooled. Vector Security in North Carolina is renewing our contract WITHOUT NOTICE OF ANY KIND FOR A THREE YEAR PERIOD. In order to cancel, we are required to buy out the contract for the entire remaining period plus pay a penalty of 80% of that amount. This, after we experienced a false alarm, and could not get the system checked for six weeks. Buyer beware. An additional note: my mother’s Vector carbon monoxide detector malfunctioned. It alarms every five minutes, a shrill, piercing alarm, 24 hours a day. She called the Saturday before Christmas, and was told nothing could be done until the Wednesday after Christmas. The Saturday after Christmas NO ONE HAD CALLED HER TO ADDRESS THE PROBLEM, DESPITE REPEATED CALLS FOR SERVICE. It is still alarming every five minutes.

As I’ve mentioned, I can’t speak to how Vector responds to problems because we haven’t had any. Nor do I think that one incident is enough to condemn a company. And certainly this time of year is tough for everyone. However, ignoring “repeated calls for service” is not a good way to endear yourself to your customers. I hope Vector fixes this problem quickly so I can continue to recommend them to people.

A lot of you are interested in Vector Security

Looking at my Google Analytics stats, many people have come here looking for information about Vector Security. I really have only one complaint about them, and that is that it took two months and repeated requests from my wife to get them to send us the referral bonus check we earned when our upstairs neighbors had their system installed.

But the check arrived yesterday, so it was just an annoyance, not a serious problem. The alarm system has been perfect so far.

If anyone is interested in Vector, and wants to have a system installed, send me an email: Jon at complainthub dot com. I’ll be happy to refer you and wait another month or two for a check.

Vector Security – still cool

A comment on this post, wondering how I liked our Vector security system, reminded me that I said I’d update everyone with a review after we’d had it for a bit. I suspect the guy who left the comment works for Vector, but that’s okay. He didn’t try and flood my site with spam or anything, so I think the comment is acceptable. Anyway, we have no complaints. We haven’t asked much of the system, and we haven’t had an alarm, but the system has never done anything it wasn’t supposed to do, nothing has broken, nothing has malfunctioned. I suppose the real test is what happens if someone tries to break in, or if we accidentally set off the alarm. Luckily, neither of those things have happened. So, after almost two months, I would still recommend Vector Security. I’d recommend them even more if they got around to sending us our referral bonus since some of our upstairs neighbors signed up on our recommendation. Edit to add: I’ve disabled the comments on this post. I’m not really comfortable hosting this discussion, so I’m not going to allow it to go any further. I still have had a fine experience with Vector, but others clearly haven’t. If you’re considering them, I recommend you do a little research about your local office and see if they’re a good fit for you.

So you need a home security system

Yesterday, we had Vector Security install a system in our condo. We’re on the first floor, so a few of our windows are pretty exposed, and we figured it would be a bit of peace of mind.

So far, I’m very impressed with Vector. We talked to ADT and ASC, and weren’t impressed with either. ADT was okay, but I don’t feel like they were being completely straight with us. ASC postponed the first appointment by calling 45 minutes before they were supposed to arrive, and then forgot to show up for the second appointment. When I called at 4:30, half an hour after the guy was supposed to show, their answering machine told me to call back during business hours, 8-5. So we didn’t expect much from Vector, who actually sent us junk mail that turned out to be good for both us and them.

I wasn’t there for the installation. My wife took care of it, which she’s done a lot of lately, and for which I’m very grateful. She said the install guy was exceptionally polite. He waited to be invited in to enter the house, he swept up the dust from drilling in the closet when he was finished, and just did about everything you’d want from someone coming to your home to do some work. Vector has also been responsive and very pleasant on the phone, and I love their web interface to the alarm. If I forget to turn the alarm on when I leave for work, I can go online and turn it on from there, or see the status, and all kinds of information about the alarm. It’s pretty cool.

Anyway, it’s too early to give a full evaluation of Vector, but so far I’d highly recommend them to anyone looking into a security system.