Are you kidding me? The trash cans?

Who steals a trash can? My wife tells me they’re kind of pricey, but seriously. I’m still hoping that someone in the building will offer an explanation, but I really can’t imagine what explanation there could be. I put the cans out at the end of the driveway last night around 10pm. At 6pm today, they were gone. I don’t know what happened in the meantime. Perhaps one of the building residents who parks out back can tell me the last time they were seen, but they haven’t responded to my email yet.

What can we do about this? I don’t think there’s any way to secure the cans and still leave them free enough for the garbage men to pick them up. We can put our address in big numbers on the side, but I don’t think that will be terribly effective.

To whoever has our trash cans: I hope you enjoy them. I hope, very soon, you accidentally place something very dear to you in one of them. I hope you then realize that you’ve done this about an hour after the bins are picked up. To quote my 6th grade math teacher in a moment near nervous breakdown (It wasn’t my fault, it was Lucas’), “Karate Kid says, ‘What goes around comes around’.” I’m not sure he really said that, but it’s true nevertheless.

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