About nothing in particular

The Metro was empty this morning. Is there some holiday I don’t know about?

It still amazes me how different a city neighborhood is from a suburb neighborhood. I lived in my condo in Falls Church, VA, for two years. The only neighbor I spoke to more than once was the guy two doors down who signed for my vaccuum cleaner, and the women one floor down because the seal on my toilet broke and started leaking into their ceiling.

Now, I’ve been in the city for about two months. I’ve met a few of the people next door. Someone who lives down the street contacted me through Flickr to welcome me to the neighborhood. And I know everyone in my building, although that’s partly because of the condo association meetings.

I find myself feeling very smug about moving into the city. Walking to the neighborhood market, hopping on the bus to meet the wife for happy hour, listening to people talk through the open screen to the cat sitting in the windowsill . . .

In any event, I’m very happy with our decision to move. I’m glad we decided that we couldn’t afford anything we liked in Ballston and Clarendon.

I realize that this is a little rambling, and I’m not sure I ever really had a point. Maybe I’m just confused because it’s Monday morning and I’m not actually in a terrible mood. There’s probably a full moon or something tomorrow.

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